Stepping into Your Spiritual Empowerment

Join us on 11/11 at 11 AM as we access the magic of celestial 11/11 energy in the Big Magic room! Shift into greater alignment with your soul’s deepest desires and purpose with Dr. Wendy Perrell, Shaman, Energy Coach, and author as she leads you through a guided meditation using light language, and crystal energy grids (that will be placed on the body) to help release stuck energy so you can hold more LIGHT in your body and chakras!! Tap into the magic of the 1111 energy, which is a master Angelic number, that will help bring you unparalleled awareness of the universe, your place in it, and your divine connection to ALL that IS.

The meditation and crystal grid release will be followed by an Oracle card reading and question and answer session. Bring your mat, a pillow and a blanket!

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